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Come learn the art & benefits of slowing down.  This foundational program will immerse you in all things yin – philosophy, anatomy, poses, breath and meditations used in this quiet practice.  The awareness that you will cultivate from this style of yoga, will inform other yoga & meditations practices, types of exercise and show you how to find your center amongst the busyness of life.

In addition to enhancing your personal connection to yin yoga, this program is also designed for yoga teachers and wellness professionals who would like to take this learning and teach yin classes or incorporate aspects into their wellness services.

Explore the yin side with us & become yinspired.

This program counts towards Karma Teacher’s 300hr Yoga Alliance program.  If you are already a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and not a part of the 300hr, you may also count this training towards your continuing education units. Please note: in order to teach Yin yoga, a 200 hour certificate is required. 

Program Summary

Duration: January 21st – 25th, 2019, Monday (1PM-5PM), Tues – Friday 8AM – 5PM
Investment: Visit Karma Teachers website
Program Hours:  40 hours


Ara ~ E-RYT 500, YACEP with Yoga Alliance

Karma Teachers ~ 300hr Yoga Alliance school

This course counts towards the 300hr or continuing education units


This program follows the standards outlined by Yoga Alliance for each of the 5 educational categories.  A robust manual will be provided.  To receive a certificate of completion, students will need to complete the graduation requirements (including homework and open book questions). After completing the graduation requirements, students will receive a certificate of completion that counts towards Continuing Education Units with Yoga Alliance or the hours will count towards Karma Teacher’s 300hr Yoga Alliance program. Students may teach yin yoga if they are already a 200/300/500 Yoga Alliance certified teacher.

Each day is a blend of a class, meditation, breathwork, presentations and hands on exploration of the following topics.

What is Yin?

  • Origins of yin yoga
  • Difference between passive and active yoga practices, yin and restorative yoga
  • Benefits and principles of yin


  • Meaning of Yin – Intro to yin/yang relativity
  • Learning to listen, the art & benefits of slowing down & doing less

Yin Poses for the Lower & Upper Body

  • Yin poses for the hips & legs
  • Yin & restorative poses for the spine
  • Find your unique shape and guide others into finding theirs
  • How to support the body with and without props


  • Key joints, bones and tissues and how they are affected by yin poses for the lower & upper body
  • How skeletal variation influences the shape of a pose
  • What are you feeling? Identify the feeling of tension and compression to understand & respect what is preventing you from moving further

Pranayama & Meditation

  • How to weave various breath & meditation techniques into your yin practice and into your teachings

Teaching Methodology

  • Sample routines to use in your personal yin practice or teaching others
  • Class structure and sequencing for yin or yin fusion classes
  • Atmosphere of a yin class – pace, vocabulary, voice, and music
  • How to support students with various needs
  • Practicum for those interested in teaching




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