It all starts here – creating your own personal vision. Make yourself a good cup of tea, open your journal and ask yourself the 5 Ws and 1H.  Don’t worry about getting it “right” or having all the answers.  Write words, feelings, thoughts, emotions, or visuals that come to mind.  One step and breathe at a time!


  • Why do you want to offer this program?
  • Why do your students enjoy your current public or private yoga classes or workshops?


  • How do you want your program to feel?
  • How do you want to feel when you are teaching this program?
  • How do you want your students to feel taking the program?



  • Who would benefit from your program?


  • To direct, own and operate a training, you will wear many hats. Whether you are conducting your program by yourself or with assistance, consider who will be supporting the 10 key areas.


Where will you offer your program?

  • Commuter (non-residential)
  • Retreat setting (residential)
  • Existing yoga studio
  • Rental space
  • During free time available
  • Will other classes or events need to be cancelled?


  • When will you offer the program? Consider the answers to your “who” and “where” questions, general schedules, seasons, and holidays.


  • What type of educational program would you like to offer?
  • What is your specialty or focus?
  • What do you hope your students will take away from the program?
  • What type of format? How many hours a day, week, month?

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