Client connection is essential to the success of your program.  It starts with the first interaction you have with a potential client and continues throughout the program and beyond.  

Some clients will know you, others will not.

Some are ready to make the decision right then and others will need more time.

Some are trying to compare apples to apples (number of poses, schedule, pricing, etc.) and others are looking for the right feeling fit.

Regardless of the type of customer you have, remember, the interested student is the reason you are earning a living.

Below are tips for creating a harmonious customer relationship.

Conversation Tips

  • Be friendly and kind no matter what type of day you or they have had.
  • Be genuine and passionate.  Ask yourself, why do I love teaching this?  Why do I believe in this method? The answers to these questions will allow you to have an authentic conversation.
  • Ask questions.  Learn about their needs and goals.  Understanding their perspective will help you to explain your program from their reference point.
  • Listen actively.
  • Make it easy for clients to reach you.
  • Respond in a timely manner and follow through on your commitments.

Education Tips

  • Have a conversation – educate instead of sell.
  • Know your program (i.e. curriculum, dates, pricing, a “typical” day, credentials).
  • What makes your program special (i.e. specialty curriculum or faculty, scholarships, discounts, payment plans, mentorship)?
  • Understand the market (i.e. similar programs, pricing, dates).
  • Never criticize another competitor.  Instead focus on what you do well or differently.
  • When you know it is not the right “fit”, say so.  Pushing someone into a program to make the numbers is setting you and your client up for a break up.
  • Provide references (e.g. your website, testimonials, Yoga Alliance page, other client or past graduate testimonials).
  • Establish a next step (e.g. how to register, upcoming info sessions, free class to meet you, added to newsletter distribution list).
  • Keep a client interest list and note past conversations.
  • If a client is not responding to your follow ups, let them be.  Following up too much is the same type of pressure that many feel in the rest of their lives.  Hopefully, they will have subscribed to your newsletter.  When the time and fit is right, they will resurface.

Need help keeping track of potential and current clients?  This can be done through a template or yoga management software.  Contact us for more information.

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