The time has come – your program is developed, marketed and clients have enrolled!  Now is the moment you have been working towards.  Consider the following areas to help navigate through the delivery portion with ease.

Pre-Training Prep

  • If you are working with multiple faculty, schedule a few meetings to review lessons learned from previous trainings and changes and structure of the upcoming training.  Connecting with faculty ensures that everybody is on the same bus going in the same direction.


  • Whether a one day workshop or an 8 month training, keep track of student attendance.  Decide how missed time will be handled.


  • How will you receive feedback during the program and at the end?

Schedule Adjustments

  • Every plan shifts.  Some material will be covered quicker and others slower.  Who will be responsible for adjusting the schedule to ensure that all items will be covered?

Material Distribution

  • Plan ahead to identify when you need to email, post or print learning materials.

Homework & Tests

  • At what point during the program will homework or tests be distributed?  How long do students have to complete? Who will review and provide feedback to the students? What is required to pass?


  • When will students receive their graduation certificate? Will it be printed or distributed electronically?

Student Communication

  • How will you communicate with students during and after training?

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