“This was a wonderful course, put together with much love and attention to detail. Ara is a lovely sweet teacher with a great passion for yin. She is teaching not only from her experience but also shares her passion and insights from the various training she attended. I really fell in love with yin after her training and would highly recommend it to anyone.”  ~ Yin YTT Graduate

“I seriously did not want this training to end. I could have stayed in our yin bubble forever! On a more serious note, Leah & Ara fostered the perfect environment for learning that was both supportive & effective. I appreciated how we learned through all types of styles, listening, feeling, reflecting & then doing. This training has proved to be essential to me in terms of growing my anatomy understanding. Leah & Ara have a lot to offer individually and as a partnership. I finished feeling more inspired than ever to share the gift of yin yoga.” ~ Yin YTT Graduate

​”Ara, you are a passionate, professional teacher. The training was perfectly balanced between the intellectual learning of anatomy, philosophy, and teaching sequences to the physical integration of the poses, energy work & meditation. The peak of the program was to develop and teach an entire 75 minute yin class. Wow! Thank you for the gift of the 423 page Teacher Training Manual. This thorough manual will be a well-used and beloved professional resource.” ~ Yin YTT Graduate

“First off, what a wonderful course you have put together, you should be very proud, it is peaceful and respectful and also just plain old FULL of incredible information and resources for us fledgling Yinsters!  I really enjoyed our time together; and feel that the course has helped me to be more grounded and confident in my evolution as a teacher. Hooray! Mission accomplished! And so the journey continues….” ~ Yin YTT Graduate

“I’ve taken this training once, and I plan on taking it again as soon as I can because it is just *so good* and so thorough, and I love that each session you get a delicious yin session with Leah or Ara.  Seriously, this training doesn’t hold back! They provide endless resources to go deeper, and it’s a beautiful complement to any base training in flow, power, or hatha yoga.” ~ Yin YTT Graduate
“Whether you are seeking to deepen your personal practice, or  develop a greater framework so that you can share this practice with others, Leah Adams & Ara Cusack Yoga offer a beautiful Yin Yoga training. Having studied with the founders of Yin, Leah and Ara gracefully impart their knowledge while creating a supportive and connected atmosphere.” ~ Yin YTT Graduate

“Ara is a wonderful teacher. She has an open mind, has structure to her classes and was such an invaluable source of knowledge and wisdom for me. So thankful!” ~ Yin YTT Graduate

“Thank you Ara for letting me be a sponge. I’ve learnt so much in the last few weekends together. In this big strange world of Yogaland, I am grateful to be able to meet some wise mentors and make meaningful connections. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, experience and beautiful energy.
वन्दे गुरूणां चरणारविन्दे स्वाहा Vande Gurunam Caranaravinde Swaha.” ~ Yin YTT Graduate

“I am extremely grateful to have gone through Yin teacher training with Ara, she’s a wonderful teacher who’s fun and provides a comfortable learning space. Her approach is kind, compassionate and applicable to day-to-day life. She lives and exemplifies the Yin lifestyle and encompasses a wealth of experience and knowledge that is relevant and functional to the modern day. Her passion for learning and her attention to detail and organization is the best example of how impactful a teacher can be when coming from both backgrounds of extensive corporate and wellness experience.” ~ Yin YTT Graduate

200 HOUR

“You are present, gentle and enthusiastic in your sharing of yoga with us.  We received a well-rounded general introduction to teaching yoga that will give us a great foundation to grow into the unique teachers that we each will become.  I felt that you fostered a family environment for us students which for me is very symbolic of what yoga is, so thank you for this added bonus!  I would encourage any student with a fundamental knowledge of yoga to consider your teacher training as a way to explore teaching or to deepen their practice.” ~ 200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate

“I believe you have created the best; well written, professionally presented, fully integrated teacher training program.  You definitely set the standards of excellence for the industry.  Well done !!  What a pleasure and privilege studying with you.” ~ 200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate

“A personal journey of discovery.. … Laughter, Fun! Friends for life! Exhausting, challenging physically, mentally spiritually. It is a wonderful, well-organized, well planned curriculum. Classes and learning in a very supportive atmosphere. The teachers are amazing, passionate and authentic. They teach with integrity that is exemplified in the way they live their lives! The training has opened a door onto another way of life. I am thirsting for more knowledge. So very sad it is going to end. Excited to see where I go from here. All sounds like clichés. However, one the best thing I have done.” ~ 200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate

“I felt supported the whole way through, as well as all the guest teachers that we were blessed to have join along the way. A truly worthwhile and enriching experience. I can’t wait to see where it leads us all!” ~ 200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate

“Thanks again for all of your dedication to the training. You really create a safe open environment for learning and experiencing.” ~ 200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate

“​Teacher training transformed my mental, physical and emotional projections which I had of myself. I am more confident in my practice, and get more out of the hours I am putting in practicing with other teachers. I am more confident in the person I am, I am more confident in the shape and abilities of my body, and I embrace life as it comes. The wide range of teachers that provide their teaching in different modules shines a light on the beautiful rainbow of possibilities that your future teacher self can become.

The staff at Maa are very welcoming, supportive and inclusive. I strongly recommend taking the teacher training program at Maa. I have so much love to give, and I am glad yoga will be an avenue that I will be able hold space for people in future to find their path along the life long journey of yoga. May your yoga practice be the mirror of reflections you need.” ~ 200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate

“This was an amazing experience. It was really special to have such a small, intimate group. It was extremely hands-on and we had lots of real opportunities to teach poses and sequences right from the very first weekend. I think the inclusion of all the different teachers, with their diverse knowledge and experience was invaluable; so many different teaching styles and perspectives to learn from.” ~ 200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate

“I have been wanting to take yoga teacher training for years, and when I heard it was being offered right here at Maa Yoga Studio, I knew it was time! Farhad and Ara took such care in creating an amazing program. Every aspect of the course was extremely well-organized and thought out. The manual is thorough, easy to follow and well laid-out. I know that I will be referring to this for years to come! ~ 200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate

“Do you know someone who’d be interested in taking a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training focused on learning how to practice and teach yin and hatha yoga? Ara Cusack will be leading a training in Vancouver B.C.  She’s led countless teacher trainings with a true passion to teach and support students. She embodies the role of the student and continually builds on her curiosity and love of learning.

Ara is currently training in medical Qi Gong and she’s participated in not one but two cadaver dissections studies where she has gained incredible knowledge. Ara leads the functional anatomy section of our 50 hour Yin Yoga Trainings here in Seattle. Most importantly, she is one of the most heart-centered humans I know. She lives her practice and is always a student.” ~ Leah Adams of Soma Om Holistic Health & Beauty

“Ara Cusack has been an integral part of Yoga Teacher Training programs at Semperviva.  Her attention to detail and deep understanding of yoga as a life path have enabled her to inspire others to feel confident in beginning their journey into teaching yoga.  Ara encourages her students to find their own integrity in their yoga practice and incorporate it into their daily life.” ~ Semperviva Yoga – Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Teresa Campbell and Ara Cusack



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